Magic Weight Loss

MYTH: If you want to lose some weight, diet

Every year, people all across America set New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps the most infamous of these resolutions are starting a “diet”. How many times have you tired a diet that did not work? There is no magic pill, fad diet, or guaranteed program to loose weight. There is however a secret formula.

The formula is:      Calorie intake< Calories spent

In regular terms you simply need to use more calories than you eat.  To find out how many calories you should be consuming visit:

The most successful way to achieve this is not with a fad diet but instead with a life change. After all, how many of us are going to eat pure juice the rest of our lives? It is important to find healthy foods you enjoy, you should try to cut out or substitute unhealthy foods with smarter, more nutritious options.

Adding some physical activity and exercise to your daily life will help you burn more calories and promotes health. Exercising has an unlimited number of benefits.

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