Eat Breakfast

Tip: Eat breakfast every day and make sure it is balanced
There are too many people (especially college students) who skip breakfast on a daily basis. Reasons for skipping include time constraints and fear of weight gain. However, these breakfast-skippers are only hurting themselves. While asleep, the body suppresses organs in the body (such as the stomach) because they are not needed during that time. People don’t eat when asleep, therefore don’t need to digest anything when asleep. However, when one wakes up in the morning, the body recognizes this and begins to activate the organs that were suppressed while asleep. The body dumps acids into the stomach because the body expects food intake to occur. These acids are used to digest various food items. If one doesn’t eat in the morning, these acids just sit in the stomach and may cause stomach aches. Thus, eating something, even if it’s small, is important.
To ensure a breakfast is balanced, include all food groups. Be sure to get grains, protein, fruit and/or veggies, if possible, during your morning meal. Additionally, drink a glass of water with breakfast. After all, the body just went about 8 hours without water intake. One must rehydrate!
The most important meal of the day is breakfast.